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Challenges in Urdu Text Tokenization and Sentence Boundary Disambiguation
Text tokenization and sentence boundary disambiguation are not easy tasks for Urdu language. Expand
Machine Translation Approaches and Survey for Indian Languages
In this study, we present an analysis regarding the performance of the state-of-the-art Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) on multiple Indian languages. Expand
A Survey of Automatic Urdu Language Processing
Most of the research in last few decades has focused on automatic natural language processing (NLP) in English, European and East Asian languages. But unfortunately South Asian languages especiallyExpand
A Light Weight Stemmer for Urdu Language: A Scarce Resourced Language
Stemming is a procedure that conflates morphologically related terms into a single term without doing complete morphological analysis. Expand
A Statistical Based Part of Speech Tagger for Urdu Language
We present a pioneering step in designing n-gram based part of speech tagger for the Urdu language. Expand
Template based affix stemmer for a morphologically rich language
Word stemming is one of the most significant factors that affect the performance of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) application such as Information Retrieval (IR) system, part of speech tagging, machine translation system. Expand
A Comparison of Moments-Based Logo Recognition Methods
Logo recognition is an important issue in document image, advertisement, and intelligent transportation. Although there are many approaches to study logos in these fields, logo recognition is anExpand
A Maximum Entropy Approach to Chinese Pin Yin-To-Character Conversion
This paper introduces a new approach based upon maximum entropy (ME) frame to solve the Pinyin-to-character (PTC) conversation problem. Expand
Hidden Markov Model Based Part of Speech Tagger for Urdu
Decision Tree Based Approaches for Detecting Protein Complex in Protein Protein Interaction Network (PPI) via Link and Sequence Analysis
A network of modular protein complexes inside a cell coordinates many biological processes and is known as protein-protein interaction (PPI) network. Expand