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Soil Electrical Conductivity and Soil Salinity: New Formulations and Calibrations
A new model describing the relation between bulk soil electrical conductivity (EC,), volumetric content (0W) and electrical conductivity of soil water (EC») is given along with supporting evidenceExpand
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Estimating soil salinity from saturated soil-paste electrical conductivity
A method is presented for estimating the electrical conductivity of the saturated soil-paste extract (EC,) from measurement of the electrical conductivity of the saturated soil-paste (EC,) andExpand
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Evapotranspiration of Mature Orange Trees Under Drip Irrigation in an Arid Climate
ABSTRACT EVAPOTRANSPIRATION (ET) of mature Valencia orange trees (Citrus sinensis L.) was determined from a large field experiment in southwest Arizona. ET was calculated as the difference betweenExpand
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Determining soil salinity from soil and soil-paste electrical conductivities sensitivity analysis of models
Models and relations used to determine soil salinity (EC e ) in the field from measurements of bulk soil electrical conductivity (EC a ), or from saturated soil-paste electrical conductivity (EC p ),Expand
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Determining soil salinity from soil electrical conductivity using different models and estimates
The appropriateness of two versions of a model describing electrical current flow in undisturbed soil was evaluated for purposes of diagnosing and mapping soil salinity (ECe). Different methods ofExpand
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New Calibrations for Determining Soil Electrical Conductivity—Depth Relations from Electromagnetic Measurements
Soil salinity can be determined in the field from measurements of soil electrical conductivity (EC,,). Measurements of depth-integrated EC0 can be made remotely using electromagnetic induction (EM)Expand
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Assessing irrigation/drainage/salinity management using spatially referenced salinity measurements
A unique technology-package for measuring the spatial distributions of salinity in irrigated soils and fields and for evaluating the appropriateness of some related irrigation-, drainage- and salinity control-management practices is described. Expand
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Reuse of drainage water for irrigation: results of Imperial Valley study. II. Soil salinity and water balance
This paper presents data on water use and soil salinity status obtained in the field experiment—the remaining information needed to complete the “strategy verification” process. These data,Expand
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