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A plot study of forest floor litter frogs, Central Amazon, Brazil
Abundance and distribution of frogs inhabiting the litter layer of an area of primary lowland rain forest in Central Amazonia were studied over a period of 15 months by sampling 498 plots each 5m ×Expand
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Diversity of Atlantic Coastal Plain Mollusks Since the Pliocene
About 70 percent of tropical western Atlantic mollusk species have become extinct since the Pliocene, which has led to perceptions of a corresponding decline in diversity. However, a compilation ofExpand
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Records of upwelling, seasonality and growth in stable‐isotope profiles of Pliocene mollusk shells from Florida
Oxygen and carbon isotopic profiles across the shells of well-preserved bivalves and gastropods from the Pliocene Pinecrest Beds near Sarasota, Florida, provide detailed records of theExpand
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Cenozoic Seas: The View from Eastern North America
Edward J. Petuch, 2004, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 308 p. (Hardcover, US $189.95) ISBN: 0-8493-1632-4. After a political year frequently dominated by conversations about absolutes versus nuance, it isExpand
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Stomatopod predation on fossil gastropods from the Plio-Pleistocene of Florida
ABsTRAcr-Stomatopods (mantis shrimps) are important predators in Recent tropical shallow-water communities. Despite a long geological history, they are poorly preserved as fossils, and traces ofExpand
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The importance of museum collections in paleobiology
For most people, the destruction of books has universally come to be thought of as a symbol of barbarity (e.g., Eco 1983). The burning of the library in Louvain, Belgium, by the German army in 1914Expand
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Morphological Variation in Turritellid Gastropods from the Pleistocene to Recent of Chile: Association with Upwelling Intensity
Abstract Environmental change, such as variation in upwelling intensity and consequent variation in marine primary productivity, may have profound effects on organisms. In the fossil record,Expand
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