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Waves in anisotropic plasmas
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Motions of Ions and Electrons
This article is divided into five parts according to the mathematical method used, rather than according to the physical situation. In part I we attempt to follow the motion of an individual particleExpand
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Review of glow discharge instabilities
Abstract In a diffusion dominated discharge striations occur because excitations are reduced if the electrons can gain ionization energies in short distances and then ionize further on, but thisExpand
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Theorie der Streuung langsamer Elektronen an Atomen
ZusammenfassungZur Erläuterung des Ramsauereffekts wird die Beugung von Elektronenwellen an Atomen berechnet mit Hilfe einer Reihenentwicklung nach Kugelfunktionen, ähnlich wie sie in der Optik zurExpand
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Propagation of Waves in a Plasma in a Magnetic Field
The propagation of electromagnetic waves in a plasma in a magnetic field as given by the Appleton-Hartree theory is discussed in terms of the wave normal surfaces instead of the more conventionalExpand
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