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Phallic urethra in female pseudohermaphroditism.
The presence of a urethra coursing through the phallus would seem to be evidence of maleness. However, certain female patients with intersexual external genitalia (female pseudohermaphrodites) haveExpand
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GARGOYLISM: II. Study of Pathologic Lesions and Clinical Review of Twelve Cases
GARGOYLISM (Hurler's syndrome, lipochondrodystrophy and dysostosis multiplex) is a rare disease of early childhood, characterized by a gruesome facies, skeletal deformities, cloudy corneas, mentalExpand
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GARGOYLISM (LIPOCHONDRODYSTROPHY): A Review of Clinical Observations in Eighteen Cases
SYNONYMS for this uncommon entity are Hurler's syndrome, lipochondrodystrophy and dysostosis multiplex. Gargoylism is the most commonly used descriptive term, although lipochondrodystrophyExpand
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Gargoylism is a syndrome characterized by dwarfism, chondrodystrophic skeletal changes, infantilism, a facies resembling that of cretinism, thickening of the skin and the periarticular structuresExpand
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Cretinoid epiphyseal dysgenesis
Summary In some children having severe hypothyroidism resembling that of the true cretins, many of the epiphyses develop abnormally and have the following characteristics: There are multiple loci ofExpand
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Radioactive iodine studies in childhood hypothyroidism.
The usefulness of radioactive isotopes of iodine in the study of iodine metabolism has been demonstrated by several groups of workers. 1 They are of particular value in measuring the gross iodineExpand
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Female pseudohermaphrodism with penile urethra, masquerading as precocious puberty and cryptorchidism; case report.
Female pseudohermaphrodism is characterized by varying degrees of masculinization of wolffian and mullerian derivatives, present at birth, in a gonadal female. Subsequently, other somatic andExpand
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Effect of Butazolidin∗ upon the Fate of I131 in the Rat
During the course of the evaluation of other drugs upon the thyroidal accumulation of iodine in patients, it was observed that a patient being given butazolidinR had a very low I131 thyroid uptake.Expand
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