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There is no intention of reproducing the somewhat sensational trial of Gruiteau here. There were in that melo-dramatie proceeding a number of novel, startling, and inexplicable episodes, calculated(More)
"En principe tout hospice, tout ^tablissement fermd, est de son essence et par lui-merae la negation du traitement naturel ; l'un est la prison, l'autre est la liberty." (p. 99.)?Duval: Gheel, ou(More)
remove the difficulties which appeared to surround the conception of a Colony of the Insane ; to reduce the proposal of engrafting such a benevolent scheme upon our social system to its real(More)
There is ground for wonder that opium never found a place in Mythology. The source of light and heat, the cold chaste moon, fountains and groves, loathsome animals and insects, abstractions and(More)
Neither does it fall within the compass of my design to record mv personal experience, to sketch the likeness of a typical reverential alienist, or to imply that all, or many, or any individual among(More)
A sack of small coal, eat your lime and hair, Soap, ashes, loam, and has a dainty spice Of the green sickness."?Ben Jonson. On visiting the wards of an asylum there may be encountered individuals of(More)
willi ^ 1*eTer ??uld advance my curiosity to conviction, but came away at last only lng o believe."?Johnson's Tour to the Hebrides, p. 347. Second-sight must not be confounded with the visions,(More)
Between Dr. Isaac Ray and myself there has subsisted a most intimate and cordial friendship for nearly fifty years. Yet we never met. The cherished tie was mutual respect, identity of pursuits, and(More)