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Modelling the orientation and direction dependence of the critical resolved shear stress of nickel-base superalloy single crystals
Abstract The orientation and direction dependence of the critical resolved shear stress was determined experimentally for the chromium-rich superalloy SC 16 at 650, 750 and 850°C and a constantExpand
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Toxicity of amorphous silica nanoparticles on eukaryotic cell model is determined by particle agglomeration and serum protein adsorption effects
Cell cultures form the basis of most biological assays conducted to assess the cytotoxicity of nanomaterials. Since the molecular environment of nanoparticles exerts influence on theirExpand
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Chemical and microstructural changes induced by friction and wear of brakes
The chemical and microstructural changes occurring during braking simulation tests at the surface of a conventional brake pad material were investigated mainly by scanning and transmission electronExpand
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“Cube slip” in near-[111] oriented specimens of a single-crystal nickel-base superalloy
In the past few years, it has been discussed with increasing frequency, whether cube slip does occur in {gamma}{prime} hardened nickel-base superalloys. There are two basic methods to detect cubeExpand
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Investigation of white etching layers on rails by optical microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray and synchrotron X-ray diffraction
Abstract Patches of white etching layers on rail surfaces were investigated using sophisticated techniques like cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy (XTEM) and synchroton X-rayExpand
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A comprehensive microscopic study of third body formation at the interface between a brake pad and brake disc during the final stage of a pin-on-disc test
In order to preserve contact situations occurring during a tribological test, an experiment was performed to investigate the pin–disc interface while keeping the pin pressed against the disc. The pinExpand
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The Role of Solid Lubricants for Brake Friction Materials
This review article comprises of three parts. Firstly, reports of brake manufacturers on the beneficial impact of solid lubricants for pad formulations are surveyed. Secondly, since tribofilms wereExpand
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A deep etching mechanism for trench-bridging silicon nanowires.
Introducing a single silicon nanowire with a known orientation and dimensions to a specific layout location constitutes a major challenge. The challenge becomes even more formidable, if one choosesExpand
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Mechanical and thermal response of a nickel-base superalloy upon grinding with high removal rates
The formation of a plastically deformed and a heat affected zone during grinding of superalloy IN738LC with a high depth of cut but slow work speed (creep feed grinding) was investigated. In order toExpand
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Characterisation of silica nanoparticles prior to in vitro studies: from primary particles to agglomerates
The size, surface charge and agglomeration state of nanoparticles under physiological conditions are fundamental parameters to be determined prior to their application in toxicological studies.Expand
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