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Performance on Dutch adaptations of Rey's AVLT was examined in a sample of 225 6- to 12-year-old Dutch school children, selected to be representative of the general population. With an interval of 3 months, they were tested twice, using two out of three test forms which proved to be parallel. No test-retest practice effects were apparent. Age had a(More)
In 102 cases of infantile hydrocephalus, treated within 365 days of birth, the possibilities of predicting later intelligence were investigated, largely by means of multiple regression methods. No significant effect of aetiology, date of shunting or severity (measured in various ways) could be demonstrated. Within the spina bifida group however the 3 cases(More)
In a group of 20 patients who were to undergo endarterectomy for atherosclerotic occlusive disease of the internal carotid artery, the stenosis did not appear to have resulted in cognitive or motor deficits. Consistent with this finding, surgery could not be shown to have a beneficial effect on cognitive or motor functioning. Control data were supplied by(More)
In a follow up study of 57 patients who had sustained a severe closed head injury, 84% still reported some residual deficit in their psychological functioning after two years, with forgetfulness being the most common complaint. Expressing the severity of the injury in terms of both the duration of post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) and the extent to which(More)
The clinical condition and the serum levels of antibodies to acetylcholine receptor protein were followed in 30 patients with myasthenia gravis before and in a period varying from 2 to 4 (mean 3) yr after thymectomy. Twenty-five patients improved in the 2 yr following thymectomy. A highly significant correlation was found between the change in clinical(More)
Paired and matched CT scans, one before and one after IV injection of contrast material, from 30 spinal CT studies were presented in a blind fashion to six observers with varying degrees of radiologic experience. The observers were asked to indicate which section of each pair gave the best delineation of intraspinal soft tissues. Seventy-five percent of the(More)
Recently it was hypothesized that the antidepressant response to total sleep deprivation (SD) results from a disinhibition process induced by the increase of tiredness in the course of SD. In the present study, the role of tiredness in the antidepressant response to SD is further investigated. Seventy-two depressed patients scored subjective tiredness and(More)
Forty mildly disabled and clinically stable patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), representative of the corresponding population in Northern Holland, with disability Status Scale scores evenly distributed within the 1 to 4 range, were compared with 40 age-, sex-, and education-matched normal controls on a battery of neuropsychological tests. Apart from(More)
A double-blind crossover study of sodium valproate and placebo was conducted in five patients with Meige syndrome. CSF neurotransmitter studies were performed at the end of each treatment period. GABA levels were not influenced by the administration of sodium valproate. An increase in HVA levels was observed in every patient, which may reflect an increase(More)