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Memantine is a blocker of Ca(2+)-permeable glutamate and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). We investigated the action of memantine on cholinergic synaptic transmission at cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs). At this inhibitory synapse, hyperpolarization of the postsynaptic cell results from opening of SK-type Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels via a(More)
Ionocap, an ionomeric cement, is a new bone replacement material. Its generic name is polymaleinate ionomer, and it is an inert standardized biomaterial which is offered in a two component system. Since 1988 the ionomeric cement has been evaluated clinically in different situations. Its unique properties of biocompatibility, biostability and permanent(More)
Polymaleinate ionomer (Ionocem) is a new bone replacement material for head and neck surgery. Ionomeric cement sets during a neutralization reaction of an alkaline glass with a polyalkenoic acid. No unphysiological heat is created during setting. Ionocem hardens in a bony defect in about 5 minutes. Molding, shaping, drilling and adding of new unset viscous(More)
Thiopentone concentrations in blood following injection of the induction solution (Thiopental, 2.5%) may be critical in the context of lethal complications arising during induction of anaesthesia and thereby the toxicological aspects of this drug can become an issue in forensic considerations. The study was designed to find out whether the dose of injected(More)
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