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Black bears (Ursus americanus) from 10 states were examined for Trichinella spiralis during the 1970-1975 period. Trichinae were found in 14 (3.1%) of 454 bears examined. Infected bears were found from California, seven (13.2%) of 54; Idaho, one (2.3%) of 44; and Wisconsin, six (3.8%) of 163. Trichina counts per gram of tissue obtained by the artificial(More)
Currently, many parallel algorithms are deened for shared-memory architectures. The preferred machine model is the PRAM. But, this model does not take into account properties of existing architectures that have a distributed memory and an asynchronous execution model. A transformation of PRAM programs into distributed, asynchronous ones is known. In order(More)
This paper describes a system architecture for an aerobot blimp guiding and controlling a herd of sondes on Titan's surface. Options for inertial navigation are proposed that make use of a direct communication link to Earth. A potential field controller is used for autonomous tracking of terrain features on the surface, and hazard avoidance. The result of(More)