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The large commercial success of multiband multimode 3-generation cellular products has driven single-chip integration, SAW-filter reduction and low power consumption. State-of-the-art solutions require quad-band EGSM combined with multiband WCDMA/HSPA receiver diversity and integrated GPS. Compact form factors make single-chip SAW-less solutions highly(More)
In this report, the Commission provides updated guidance on radiological protection against radon exposure. The report has been developed considering the latest ICRP recommendations for the system of radiological protection, all available scientific knowledge about the risks of radon, and the experience gained by many organisations and countries in the(More)
In this work, we investigate the phase transitions and critical behaviors of the frustrated J(1)-J(2)-J(3) Ising model on the square lattice using Monte Carlo simulations, and particular attention goes to the effect of the second-next-nearest-neighbor interaction J(3) on the phase transition from a disordered state to the single stripe antiferromagnetic(More)
In recent years, the continuing happened engineer disasters and accidents cause enormous economic losses and negative social influence. As a result, the risk control problem of major public construction projects was paid much attention. The public construction projects are relate to the public life quality and the common security benefits, so risks become(More)
In this work, we study the magnetization behaviors of the classical Ising model on the triangular lattice using Monte Carlo simulations, and pay particular attention to the effect of further-neighbor interactions. Several fascinating spin states are identified to be stabilized in certain magnetic field regions, respectively, resulting in the magnetization(More)
[Abstract] We study the thermal phase transitions of the four-fold degenerate phases (the plaquette and single stripe states) in two-dimensional frustrated Ising model on the ShastrySutherland lattice using Monte Carlo simulations. The critical Ashkin-Teller-like behavior is identified both in the parameter regions with the plaquette and single stripe(More)
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