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—This paper develops a practical design method for implementing Tomlinson–Harashima precoding (THP) in a downlink channel with multiple antennas at the transmitter and a single antenna at each receiver. A two-step design process is proposed for minimizing the total transmit power while satisfying every user's minimum data rate and maximum bit-error rate(More)
Considerable evidence links urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) bound to its surface receptor (uPAR) with enhanced invasiveness of cancer cells. By blocking uPAR expression in human epidermoid carcinoma cells (HEp3), we have now identified an additional and novel in vivo function for this receptor by showing that receptor-deficient cells enter a state of(More)
—This letter investigates the structure of the optimal spatial multiplex scheme in a multiuser multiantenna wireless fading environment. Based on a sum-capacity criterion, this letter shows that the optimal transmission strategy in an uplink or downlink channel with n antennas at the base-station involves more than n users at the same time. In particular,(More)
SUMMARY We developed web-based applications that encourage the exploration of the literature on human genetic associations by using a database that is continuously updated from PubMed. These applications provide user-friendly interfaces for searching summarized information on human genetic associations, using either genes or diseases as the starting point.(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Most genetic variants identified for type 2 diabetes have been discovered in European populations. We performed genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in a Chinese population with the aim of identifying novel variants for type 2 diabetes in Asians. METHODS We performed a meta-analysis of three GWAS comprising 684 patients with type 2(More)
−To integrate measurements of eco-efficiency with control loop configuration has become an important topic since all industrial processes/plants are requested to increase their eco-efficiency. The exergy eco-efficiency factor, a new measure of eco-efficiency for control loop configuration, has been developed recently [1]. The exergy eco-efficiency factor is(More)