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Macromolecular activators of phagocytosis from platelets (MAPP: 1-MAPP and s-MAPP) are released from activated fresh platelets and enhance leukocyte phagocytosis via the Fcgamma receptors. In this study, production of MAPP was investigated in lysate of freeze-thawed stored platelets (PL). Incubation of PL and thrombin with precursors of MAPP (pre-MAPP:(More)
Production of macromolecular activators of phagocytosis from platelets (MAPPs) was observed when the lysate of fresh platelets was incubated with MAPP precursors and thrombin. An 800-Da MAPP activator (PMA-II) was obtained by Superdex peptide gel filtration of the lysate after thrombin treatment. The necessity of thrombin in MAPP production in fresh(More)
Dendritic cell-like immunoreactivity was examined in the mouse brain. The glomerulus of the olfactory bulb and the olfactory nerves were stained by antibodies against the dendritic cells, NLDC-145 and MIDC-8, while these structures were not stained by antibodies against microglia or macrophages, F4/80, Mac1 or CD45. Immunoelectron microscopy showed that the(More)
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