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A locus for essential hypertension has been found recently on chromosome 17 in the general vicinity of the inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) gene (NOS2A at 17cen-q11.2). We therefore tested NOS2A markers for association and linkage with hypertension in affected Australian Anglo-Caucasians. Patients for the association study (n=112) were from our cohort(More)
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor 2 (TNF-R2) has been implicated in insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome disorders, one of which is hypertension (HT). We therefore decided to test markers in and near the TNF-R2 gene (TNFRSF1B) for linkage and association with HT, as well as hypercholesterolemia, and plasma levels of the shed soluble receptor(More)
In the Drosophila leg disc, wingless (wg) and decapentaplegic (dpp) are expressed in a ventral-anterior and dorsal-anterior stripe of cells, respectively. This pattern of expression is essential for proper limb development. While the Hedgehog (Hh) pathway regulates dpp and wg expression in the anterior-posterior (A/P) axis, mechanisms specifying their(More)
The renin-angiotensin system is involved in control of blood pressure and salt and fluid homeostasis. Genes for components of this system have been of major focus in research on the causation of the common, complex, polygenic trait, essential hypertension (HT). Association of an A-->C variant at nucleotide 1166 of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R)(More)
Linkage with essential hypertension has been claimed for a microsatellite marker near the angiotensinogen gene (AGT; chromosome 1q42), as has association for the AGT variants M235T, G(-6)A and A(-20)C. To more rigorously evaluate AGT as a candidate gene for hypertension we performed sibpair analysis with multiple microsatellite markers surrounding this(More)
matic fracture incidence in elderly men and women: the Dubbo osteoporosis epidemiologic study (DOES). Osteoporosis Int 1994;4: 277-82. 20 Lauritzen JB, Schwarz P, Lund B, Mcnair P, Transpøl I. Changing incidence and residual lifetime risk of common osteoporosis-related fractures. Osteoporosis Int 1993;3:127-32. 21 Salmela R, Koistinen V. Coverage and(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional Chinese herbal medicines have been used for a long time to treat diabetes, and many controlled trials have been done to investigate their efficacy. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of Chinese herbal medicines in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. SEARCH STRATEGY We searched the following electronic databases: The Cochrane(More)
Pectinmethylesterase from the pericarp of jelly fig (Ficus awkeotsang) achenes was extracted and purified to a specific activity of 289 micromole proton produced per minute per milligram protein. Pectinmethylesterase, a major protein with high specific activity in the crude extract, was monomeric with a molecular weight of 38,000. The enzyme preparation was(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has been thought of as a mitogen that promotes proliferation of endothelial cells and as a neurotrophic factor that stimulates neurogenesis and axonal growth in both peripheral and central nervous systems. To investigate the potential involvement of VEGF in the lesion-induced reorganization in the brain, the(More)
BACKGROUND The characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in the elderly are different from young patients. This leads to delay in diagnosis and higher mortality from TB in the aged population. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of age on the demographic, clinical, radiographic characteristics, and treatment outcomes of pulmonary TB(More)