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The atomic-scale structural and electric parameters of the 90° domain-walls in tetragonal ferroelectrics are of technological importance for exploring the ferroelectric switching behaviors and various domain-wall-related novel functions. We have grown epitaxial PbTiO3/SrTiO3 multilayer films in which the electric dipoles at 90° domain-walls of ferroelectric(More)
Doped BaSnO3 has arisen many interests recently as one of the promising transparent conducting oxides for future applications. Understanding the microstructural characteristics are crucial for the exploration of relevant devices. In this paper, we investigated the microstructural features of 0.001% La doped BaSnO3 thin film using both conventional and(More)
Successful spin injection into graphene makes it a competitive contender in the race to become a key material for quantum computation, or the spin-operation-based data processing and sensing. Engineering ferromagnetic metal (FM)/graphene heterojunctions is one of the most promising avenues to realise it, however, their interface magnetism remains an open(More)
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