W. Y. Lin

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[1] To assess the current status of climate models in simulating clouds, basic cloud climatologies from ten atmospheric general circulation models are compared with satellite measurements from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) and the Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) program. An ISCCP simulator is employed in all(More)
This paper presents a novel shape representation, called elliptical shape coding, and uses it to develop an efficient shape retrieval algorithm. The elliptical shape coding transforms an original shape, which is a single, closed contour in our experiments, into a periodic signal. The alignment between two shapes is accomplished efficiently by performing(More)
Large eddy simulation of a three-dimensional spatially developing transitional free methane non-premixed flame is performed. The solver of the governing equations is based upon a projection method. The Smagorinsky model is utilized for the turbulent subgrid scale terms. A global reaction mechanism is applied for the simulation of methane/air combustion.(More)
This paper applied DEFORM software to construct a 2-D analysis model of micro-cutting SKD61 mold steel, by utilizing local grid to distinguish the shear zone between material and chips so that the grid could show a certain amount of quadrilaterals. Then, different cutting conditions were experimented to simulate orthogonal cutting and change the tool(More)
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