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A scene independent linear transformation called – multitemporal Kauth-Thomas transformation (MKT) was implemented in this land surface change monitoring due to mining activities. 5-fold cross validation results indicated the high feasibility of using the MKT method with a computer-based hybrid unsupervised and supervised classification approach for mining(More)
We present a novel parametric power spectral density (PSD) estimation algorithm for nonstationary signals based on a Kalman filter with variable number of measurements (KFVNM). The nonstationary signals under consideration are modeled as time-varying autoregressive (AR) processes. The proposed algorithm uses a block of measurements to estimate the(More)
This study investigated the influence of distance on self-selected pacing during the swim, cycle and run disciplines of sprint, Olympic and half-Ironman (HIM) distance triathlon races. Eight trained male triathletes performed the three individual races in <2 months. Participants’ bikes were fitted with Schoberer Rad Meßtechnik to monitor speed, power output(More)
This study investigated changes in electrical pain threshold (EPT) after repeated eccentric exercise bouts to test the hypothesis that fascia would become more sensitive than muscle when greater delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is induced. Ten young men performed two eccentric exercise bouts (ECC1, ECC2) consisting of ten sets of six maximal isokinetic(More)
This study investigated biceps brachii distal myotendinous junction (MTJ) displacement during maximal eccentric elbow flexor contractions to test the hypothesis that muscle length change would be smaller (less MTJ displacement) during the second than the first exercise bout. Ten untrained men performed two eccentric exercise bouts (ECC1 and ECC2) with the(More)
Ultrasound elastography is used to assess muscle hardness or stiffness; however, no previous studies have validated muscle hardness measures using ultrasound strain elastography (SE). This study investigated the relationship between plantar flexor isometric contraction intensity and gastrocnemius hardness assessed by SE. We hypothesised that the muscle(More)