W. Y. Bao

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Cutting forces are small, and in many cases insignificant, compared with noise during the micro-machining of many non-metals. The Neural-Network-based Periodic Tool Inspector (N 2 PTI) is introduced to evaluate tool condition periodically on a test piece during the machining of non-metal workpieces. The cutting forces are measured when a slot is being cut(More)
Almost all existing tool condition monitoring methods require either the critical parameters of models which are experimentally found or the self-learning algorithms that are trained with existing data. Genetic Tool Monitor (GTM) is proposed to identify the problems by using an analytical model for micro-end-milling operations and genetic algorithm. The(More)
Machining conditions are optimized to minimize the production cost in conventional manufacturing. In specialized manufacturing applications, such as micro machining and mold making, achievement of specific goals may be the primary objective. The Genetically Optimized Neural Network System (GONNS) is proposed for the selection of optimal cutting conditions(More)
In cloud computing environment, there are a large number of users which lead to huge amount of tasks to be processed by system. In order to make the system complete the service requests efficiently, how to schedule the tasks becomes the focus of cloud computing Research. A task scheduling algorithm based on PSO and ACO for cloud computing is presented in(More)
The toxicity of nitrogen in the shrimp culture water has been well established. In this study, SA beads composed of Vibrio alginolyticus VZ5, sodium alginate (SA) and sugarcane bagasse were used for ammonia nitrogen (NH4-N) and nitrite nitrogen (NO2-N) removal. A 50-day cultivation experiment was carried out in aquaria to evaluate the activity of the SA(More)
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