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INTRODUCTION Prolonged arrhythmic or paced ventricular activation causes persistent changes in myocardial conduction and repolarization that may result from altered electrotonic current flow, for which gap junctional coupling is the principal determinant. Remodeling of gap junctions and their constituent connexins modifies conduction and has been causally(More)
OBJECTIVE Ventricular pacing or arrhythmias can induce cardiac memory (CM). We hypothesized that clinically administered antiarrhythmic drugs alter the expression of CM, and that the repolarization changes characteristic of CM can modulate the effects of antiarrhythmic drugs. METHODS We studied conscious, chronically-instrumented dogs paced for two 1-h(More)
Polysomy of the X chromosome is a very rare disorder, and little information is available in the literature. Tetrasomy X was first reported in 1961 and only approximately 60 cases have been reported. Herein, we reported a 5-year-old girl with tetrasomy X, who presented to our clinics because of "short stature". She was born to a G2P2 mother at 39 weeks of(More)
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