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Germ cells are vital for transmitting genetic information from one generation to the next and for maintaining the continuation of species. Here, we analyze the transcriptome of human primordial germ cells (PGCs) from the migrating stage to the gonadal stage at single-cell and single-base resolutions. Human PGCs show unique transcription patterns involving(More)
DNA N(6)-methyladenine (6mA) modification is commonly found in microbial genomes and plays important functions in regulating numerous biological processes in bacteria. However, whether 6mA occurs and what its potential roles are in higher-eukaryote cells remain unknown. Here, we show that 6mA is present in Drosophila genome and that the 6mA modification is(More)
Retinoblastoma (RB) is the most common malignant tumor of the retina in human children. Although it has been hypothesized for a long time that RB derives from multipotent retinal stem cells (RSCs) or retinoblasts, the direct evidence that the presence of tumorigenic RSCs in RB tumors is still lacking. Some studies indicate that malignant tumors contain(More)
Understanding others mind and interpersonal interaction are the cognitive basis of successful social interactions. People’s mental states and behaviors rely on their holding beliefs for self and others. To investigate the neural substrates of false belief reasoning, the 32 channels event-related potentials (ERP) of 14 normal adults were measured while they(More)
Fragile X syndrome, a common form of inherited mental retardation, is caused by loss of the fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP). As a selective RNA-binding protein, FMRP is localized predominately in cytoplasm, where it regulates translational control. However, there is a small portion of FMRP present in the nucleus, and its function there has been(More)
Several strategies have been used to generate transgenic birds. The most successful method so far has been the injection of lentiviral vectors into the subgerminal cavity of a newly laid egg. We report here a new, easy and effective way to produce transgenic quails through direct injection of a lentiviral vector, containing an enhanced-green fluorescent(More)
BACKGROUND To explore the feasibility and safety of gas-free single-port transumbilical laparoscopic cholecystolithotomy. METHODS An incision of 1.5-2.0 cm was made through all layers of the umbilicus, and a specially designed silicone plug with three 5-mm ports was inserted. The surgical space was created by lifting the right abdominal wall with an(More)
In the past, several strategies have been used to generate transgenic birds. The most successful method has proven to be injection of lentiviral vector into the subgerminal cavity of the newly laid egg. In this study, we directly injected lentiviral vector into the blood vessel of HH13-15 quail embryos to produce transgenic chimeras. In the manipulated,(More)
A sense of obligation to support, assist, and respect the family was examined among approximately 700 urban and rural 10th- (M = 16.6 years) and 12th- (M = 18.9 years) grade students in the People's Republic of China. Urban male adolescents reported a weaker sense of family obligation than did rural male adolescents and both urban and rural female(More)
Love of money (LOM) is concerned with the attitude toward money, which can be measured by the LOM scale through affective, behavioral, and cognitive dimensions. Research has observed that monetary attitude was tightly related to reward processing and could affect economic behavior. This study examined how monetary attitude modulated risky behavior and the(More)