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In this study, we compared survivorship, heat dissipation and biochemical features of anaerobiosis of two tiger beetle species (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) exposed to anoxia. One species commonly experiences environmental immersion from rainfall and snowmelt (Cicindela togata), and the habitat of the other (Amblycheila cylindriformis) is not prone to(More)
Introduction Maintaining species diversity and conservation have become important societal goals but management and recovery plans for threatened species are oft en hampered by a lack of knowledge concerning the species' biology and life history. Management eff orts are further limited by the fact that most threatened and endangered species inhabit very(More)
Nodulation is the first, and qualitatively predominant, cellular defense reaction to bacterial infections in insects. Treating larvae of the butterfly Colias eurytheme with the eicosanoid biosynthesis inhibitor dexamethasone, strongly impaired nodulation reactions to bacterial infections. The influence of dexamethasone was reversed by treating infected(More)
Carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) consist of two subfamilies in North America. Members of the Silphinae arrive at carcasses during the mid-stage of decay and their larvae feed on developing maggots, while members of the Nicrophorinae bury and tend carcasses upon which their developing larvae feed. The Nicrophorinae maintain the condition of the(More)
We report on the presence of high proportions of arachidonic acid (20:4n-6) and eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5n-3) in the tissue lipids of adult fireflies, Photinus pyralis. Arachidonic acid typically occurs in very small proportions in phospholipids (PLs) of terrestrial insects, ranging from no more than traces to less than 1% of PL fatty acids, while 20:5n-3(More)
The timing of application for the management of rangeland grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) is critical, especially as insecticides become more specialized and the use of Insect Growth Regulators becomes more widespread. The general seasonal occurrence of adults of many grasshopper species has been well documented; however, their appearance varies widely(More)
Because of fire suppression and improper land management, native eastern redcedar, Juniperus virginiana L., is invading many grassland areas. Among these areas are the Loess Canyons of southeastern Lincoln County, NE, which support a large population of the federally endangered American burying beetle, Nicrophorus americanus Olivier. In the past 30 yr,(More)
Opportunistic predatory reef fishes commonly follow foraging benthivores to feed on prey disturbed by the benthivores. This study examined factors that may restrict the number and the species composition of follower fishes. Association groups common on the reefs around Bonaire were followed and videotaped. The follower compositions and interactions were(More)