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BACKGROUND Studies in Western countries have repeatedly shown that women with a history of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) are at increased risk for developing major depression (MD). Would this relationship be found in China? METHOD Three levels of CSA (non-genital, genital, and intercourse) were assessed by self-report in two groups of Han Chinese women:(More)
Product unit neural networks with exponential weights (PUNNs) can provide more powerful internal representation capability than traditional feed-forward neural networks. In this paper, a convergence result of the back-propagation (BP) algorithm for training PUNNs is presented. The monotonicity of the error function in the training iteration process is also(More)
First the surface-potential-based compact MOS model, PSP, is introduced. After a discussion of the general advantages of this model, it is benchmarked against measurements from the 45 nm technology node. Finally, we zoom in on the modeling in PSP of two effects that are of special importance for RF applications: distortion and noise.
The paper presents a DEM model for simulating dry granular avalanche down an incline. Flow pattern and impact forces on rigid obstacles are considered. Results of the simulations are compared with experimental data reported in the literature. The experiments include granular flow along an inclined channel and three-dimensional free surface flow on an(More)
Among the assorted logic styles used in fostering the integrated circuits, the domino logic styles offers higher speed and smaller transistor count as compared to the static cmos circuits. However the domino logic suffers from lower noise immunity and higher power dissipation due to the problem of charge sharing and sub-threshold leakage currents. In this(More)