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Spectrum sensing technology is most vital to the implementation of a CR system using dynamic spectrum resource management. This paper suggested a CR system architecture with a wideband dual-stage spectrum sensing technique a coarse and a fine spectrum sensing. Specifically, the coarse spectrum sensing technique adopted wavelet transforms in this(More)
A highly-linear RF envelope detector for amplitude modulation of multiple wireless standards is presented. The RF envelope detector employs a differential voltage-to-current converter and a current-mode full-wave rectifier to enhance linearity of output envelope signal. It is shown that the proposed RF envelope detector linearly tracks 5-MHz sine-wave(More)
Virtual studios have long been used in commercial broadcasting. However, most virtual studios are based on “blue screen” technology, and its two-dimensional (2-D) nature restricts the user from making natural three-dimensional (3-D) interactions. Actors have to follow prewritten scripts and pretend as if directly interacting with the synthetic objects. This(More)
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