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The ulnar nerve taken at autopsy from 30 subjects aged 24-98 who died without features of clinical involvement of peripheral nerves was examined morphologically. Density of myelinated fibers (m.f) per 0.1 mm2, frequency distribution of the external diameter of m.f., and teased fiber were estimated. Besides, in 8 nerves some lipids were assessed(More)
Myelin proteins composition was examined in material of 20 autoptic cases at ages from 20 to 97 years. The technique of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and isotachophoresis was applied. In polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis a progressive increase starting at the age of 60 years of Wolfgram protein at the expense of Folch-Lees proteolipid protein and(More)
The authors studied the composition of isoenzymes of malic dehydrogenase in peripheral blood leucocytes of patients with Duchenne-type progressive muscular dystrophy, their mothers and sisters, and also in other primary muscular diseases. The studied group included 25 patients with Duchenne dystrophy, 20 their mothers and sisters, and 11 patients with other(More)
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