W. Wegscheider

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Distribution of antimony and its inorganic species in soil samples along two traffic routes (A14, Rankweil and S36, Knittelfeld) in Austria was determined, since vehicle emissions are an important anthropogenic source of Sb in soil. The samples were taken along three parallel lines at about 0.2, 2 and 10 m distances from the edge of the road and in two(More)
The temperature dependent spectral gain in InGaN-GaN multiple quantum-well structures with 10% In content is investigated. Mode gain is measured in a temperature range between 239 K and 312 K using the Hakki-Paoli technique and compared to simulations. The simulation accounts for temperature-dependent polarization dephasing, and hence homogeneous(More)
A precision measurement of the fractional quantized Hall resistance in a high mobility two-dimensional electron system was carried out as a test of the universality of the quantum Hall effect. Our results indicate that the Hall resistance at filling factor nu=1/3 does not deviate from the theoretical value 3ldrh/e<sup>2</sup> within a relative uncertainty(More)
A procedure for the determination of traces of rare earth elements by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) is presented. The samples are decomposed either by fusion with lithium tetraborate or by acid attack in a microwave oven. Separation of the rare earth elements from accompanying(More)
Speciation analysis of Sb(III) and Sb(V) in a soil sample was performed through extraction and on-line isotope dilution concentration determination after a chromatographic separation. The total Sb concentration found in a through traffic contaminated soil sample was (4.17 microg g(-1), 0.3 microg g(-1) SD, n=6). It was determined using ICP-MS after soil(More)
With the help of an automated SEM/EDX analysis system non-metallic micro-inclusions in steel can be detected on a metallographically prepared surface area. The system makes it possible to determine position, size, shape and composition of each particle. Usually more than 1000 inclusions are found on one scan area. Therefore a new offline evaluation method(More)
We report on magnetotransport measurements in two MBE-grown GaAs/AlGaAs superlattices formed by wide and narrow quantum wells and thin Si-doped barriers subject to tilted magnetic fields. It has been shown that illumination of the strongly coupled superlattice with narrow wells leads to reduction of its dimensionality from the 3D to 2D. The(More)
A new method was developed in this work to account for inorganic Sb species interconversion during soil sample preparation and subsequent separation steps. The Sb(III) and Sb(V) concentrations at each investigated step in the analytical procedure were determined using species specific spikes (Sb(III) with 81.18% and Sb(V) with 74.04% enrichment). The(More)