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This paper presents recent improvements in the development of the University of Colorado " CU Communicator " and " CU-Move " spoken dialog systems. First, we describe the CU Communicator system that integrates speech recognition, synthesis and natural language understanding technologies using the DARPA Hub Architecture. Users are able to converse with an(More)
In our effort to build spoken language translation systems we have extended our JANUS system to process spontaneous human–human dialogs in a new domain, two people trying to schedule a meeting. Trained on an initial database JANUS-2 is able to translate En-glish and German spoken input in either English, German, Spanish, Japanese or Korean output. To tackle(More)
As part of the JANUS speech-to-speech translation projectt5], we have developed a translation system that successfully parses full utterances and is eeective in parsing spontaneous speech, which is often syntactically ill-formed. The system is concept-based, meaning that it has no explicit notion of a sentence but rather views each input utterance as a(More)