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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical outcomes, patient acceptance, and economic effect associated with tablet splitting. DATA SOURCES PubMed (1966-June 2011) and International Pharmaceutical Abstract (1975-June 2011) searches were conducted using tablet splitting as the search terms. STUDY SELECTION All studies that evaluated the clinical outcome (n = 4),(More)
OBJECTIVE How best to involve patients in the development of clinical practice guideline (CPG) recommendations is not known. We sought to determine the feasibility and value of developing CPG recommendations based on a voting panel composed entirely of patients, with the ultimate goal of comparing the patients' recommendations to ones developed by a(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the product integrity and ethical/ legal issues associated with tablet splitting. DATA SOURCES PubMed (1966-June 2011), International Pharmaceutical Abstract (1975-June 2011), and bibliographic searches were conducted. STUDY SELECTION All studies that evaluated the weight/dose variations (N = 13) of split tablets were included. (More)
The performance of present-day gamma-cameras is examined from a historical perspective and the prospects for further improvements assessed. The author attempts to show quantitatively that spatial resolution of 25-cm field-of view cameras has reached a point where further advances can bring only diminishing returns clinically, unless improvements in(More)
Attachment scores for 658 young adults living in the U.S.A. were obtained using the Experiences in Close Relationships scale. The participants came from a subsample of the RELATE data set, who had also filled out the adult attachment measure. Those young adults living in Utah County, Utah, an area of the country with a higher than normal birthrate (88%(More)
This paper discusses an experimental implementation of the large scale code, MPSX (Mathematical Programming System Extended), in an APL environment. It provides an overview of how one might employ the resources of the APL Shared Variable System together with specially written auxiliary processors to allow model building, matrix generation, report writing,(More)
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