W W Rosenberg

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Between 1979 and 1989, we performed 36 primary total hip replacements in 31 rheumatoid arthritis patients with protrusio acetabuli. The deficient acetabulum was reconstructed with autologous morsellized bone grafts from the femoral head. 3 patients were lost to follow-up. 12 patients (13 hips) died within 8 years postoperatively, none had a revision. 16(More)
The results of 49 specimens obtained by fine-needle aspiration biopsy of parotid gland lesions were compared with the pathologic diagnoses of the surgically resected specimens. Cytologically, 33 lesions were diagnosed as benign, with 30 of these confirmed histologically and three false-negative results. Fourteen cytologic specimens were called malignant or(More)
We report the growth characteristics of seven human laryngeal carcinomas transplanted into athymic mice. Six of the tumors were harvested from surgical pathology specimens and one was from a laryngeal carcinoma cell line. Tumor tissue measuring 2-3 cubic millimeters was implanted subcutaneously into the flank of the mice. Time intervals between implantation(More)
The authors retrospectively report the results of surgical treatment of spinal cord tumours in the Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Utrecht, Holland and review the recent literature. Twenty-eight patients were operated on for an intramedullary spinal cord tumour between 1981 and 1990. The mean follow-up period was 31 months. Neurological(More)
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