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Excluded salt accumulated at mangrove roots must be transported away from the root zone by diffusive processes, due to the low permeability of most mangrove soils. The diffusion coefficient for salt in mangrove soils determines the rate of this diffusive transport but has not been determined experimentally before. In this work we used a 12-month long-time(More)
Measurements of protein and amino acid metabolism in man using stable isotopes and selected ion monitoring gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric techniques are limited by the requirement of relatively high levels of labelling for adequate precision (greater than 0.05 at % excess). We describe here a means of extending the scope of such studies by(More)
The object of this communication is to focus attention on the design and analytical capabilities of isotope ratio and organic mass spectrometers and their potential areas of application to the study of amino acid and protein metabolism in man using stable isotopes. The isotope ratio mass spectrometer Dual inlet double collector gas isotope ratio mass(More)