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BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatitis B and C viruses (HBV and HCV) are two clinically distinct but related diseases. Pooled data from five studies of peginterferon alpha-2a in patients with chronic HCV infection (CHC) were compared with two studies of the drug in patients with chronic HBV infection (CHB). METHOD The HBV studies included both hepatitis B e antigen(More)
Dry-heat sterilization of planetary lander capsules requires a knowledge of the thermal resistivity of microorganisms in the environment to which they will be subjected during sterilization of the space hardware. The dry-heat resistance of Bacillus subtilis var. niger spores on various lander capsule materials was determined at 125 C. Eight surface(More)
Survivor curves forBacillus subtilis var.Niger spores were determined during cure within à solid propellant containing a saturated hydrocarbon binder. Cure temperatures of 82, 93, 105, and 115°C were selected for evaluation. Upon completion of the propellant mix, samples of approximately 5 g were weighed, placed into aluminum planchets, and subjected to dry(More)
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