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Women with long-standing insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and radiographically dense mammary glandular tissue can have benign breast masses clinically resembling cancer. The authors have identified 36 patients, aged 20-54 years, with this little-known condition, which the authors call diabetic fibrous breast disease (DFBD). For a diagnosis of(More)
Additional x-ray views can offer helpful information in both symptomatic patients (better evaluating the area of clinical abnormality) and screening patients (often preventing unnecessary biopsies). A wide variety of views have been devised to help solve specific problems raised by either suspected clinical or mammographic abnormalities. We have found those(More)
The infrated detection apparatus used in breast thermography is relatively costly and therefore is not widely available to less populated areas in the country. The use of liquid cholesterol crystals, applied to the breast (applied over a water-base black dye) has already been described in the literature as an effective substitute for infrared instrument(More)
A unique cohort of women at increased risk of breast cancer because of prior X-ray treatment of acute mastitis and their selected high-risk siblings were offered periodic breast cancer screening including physical examination of the breasts, mammography, and thermography. Twelve breast cancers were detected when fewer than four would have been expected(More)