W. W. Koelmans

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Nanoscale memory devices, whose resistance depends on the history of the electric signals applied, could become critical building blocks in new computing paradigms, such as brain-inspired computing and memcomputing. However, there are key challenges to overcome, such as the high programming power required, noise and resistance drift. Here, to address these,(More)
Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotoren: Prof. dr. ir. Front: Photograph of rubrene single-crystal (partly) overlapping with Co/Al 2 O 3 electrodes and the molecule structure of rubrene (top), and the schematic picture of a monolayer of the molecules [Co(tpy)(tpy-SH)] 2+ and [Zn(tpy)(tpy-SH)] 2+ on gold (bottom). Back: Photograph of Co/Al 2 O 3(More)
ake your choice, adventurous tranger; trike the bell and bide the danger, r wonder, till it drives you mad, hat would have followed if you had. Abstract In this thesis techniques are developed to read out nanoscale probes and arrays of probes. e main targeted application area is probe-based data storage. e work also contributes to other areas, such as(More)
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