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algebra 81; entities; 311, 45,<lb>73: terms 21. 30. 76. 78. Set: also<lb>Attribute, Class, hame<lb>Abstraction: of attributes 76, 156; of<lb>classes 30, 76ff, 87, 94ff,. 104, 159;<lb>of functions 104; of relatrons 88; of<lb>universals 117ff; principle of 90,, 96ff;<lb>vacuous 95, 159<lb>Accident 22, 158<lb>ACKEXMANN, Wilhelm 9011, 12011<lb>Actuality(More)
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Quantification theory, or first-order predicate logic, can be formulated in terms purely of predicate letters and a few predicate functors which attach t o predicates to form further predicates. Apart from the predicate letters, which are schematic, there are no variables. On this score the plan is reminiscent of the combinatory logic of Schonfinkel and(More)