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In the study of biological oxidations, two eriteria are used as indications of oxidase activity. One of these is the oxidation-reduction potential of the system concerned, determined as described by CLARK (3) and others. The other is the rate of oxidation measured by one of several inethods. In our particular studies on the oxidase systems of various(More)
Several investigators have proved that hydrogen ion concentration markedly affects the activity of various oxidases.1 Among these may be mentioned UCKO and BANSI (7) who found that the pH optimum for the peroxidase of horse radish varied with the nature of the oxidase indicator, being pH 7 for pyrogallol and 5.2for guaiacol; CLARK and ZOLLER (2) who(More)
The flesh of fresh apricots when cut and exposed to the air rapidly develops a brown color due to enzymic oxidation. This phenomenon is of great importance in the freezing and freezing storage of fresh apricots and in the preparation of apricots for canning and drying. In commercial freezing the oxidizing enzymes of this fruit are controlled by treatment(More)