W. Tjokorda Agung Budi

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Fire is one of the disasters that often occur in everyday life and causing losses both in terms of material and non-material. There has been much research done to build a field alarm system. One way to build a fire alarm system is base on fire detection on video data; this is done with digital image processing techniques and machine-vision. Fire detection(More)
This paper present about handwriting digit recognition system using Local Binary Pattern as feature extraction method and K-Nearest Neighbor as classification algorithm. This system is implemented on handwriting image on the C1 form used by General Elections Commision in Indonesia to facilitate the committee member to input the election result to the(More)
Biometrics are being used as one of many alternatives in Recognition System. Palm vein is one of many features that could be used in biometrics. Several advantages of palm vein is that they were not easily damaged and rather hard to be duplicated because it is located deep inside skin layers. Palm vein is also cannot be seen with plain eyes or ordinary(More)
The compression is a process to compress the data usually conducted to transfer data or to save space on the computer. Image data are usually big in size. So, it is important to conduct the compression process on the image data. Five Modulus Method (FMM) is a method that use the 5 modulo model to compress the data. On this research, the FMM is improved by(More)
Compiling a financial statement (F/S) as one of accountability report for government institution is not easy due to complicated process and exposed by many risks that can decrease the information quality in F/S. There are many frameworks available to identify and to improve the information quality in F/S. Some tools will be used here are Information Quality(More)
In this research, the writer proposed feature extraction method using Centroid to Boundary. Centroid to Boundary has processing time better than some other methods, this method is also invariant to size and rotation of image. The method will get a feature of character based on distance from center point of character to its contour. For classification,(More)
Nowadays, the development of mobile devices, especially Android showed increased very rapidly. These developments can be seen in the year 2014, where the Android have one billion users. As mobile devices are quite often used, Android need an alternative way to facilitate the operation of the user when doing activities such as driving and other activities(More)
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