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A peculiar form of chronic spinal muscular atrophy is described, 5 unrelated young males developed muscle wasting of the left shoulder and upper arm region, mainly in the distribution of myotomes C5 and C6. This muscle atrophy remained confined to the primary site for 13-18 years, being followed in 4 cases by a mild muscle atrophy of the right upper arm or(More)
Blink reflexes elicited by electrical stimulation of the supraorbital nerves, by monoaurally presented 1 kHz sine wave bursts of 20-ms duration, and by flashes of light presented monocularly were investigated in 32 healthy controls. Absolute latencies of the individual components and side differences were measured. An outline of possible anatomical pathways(More)
Acute trichinosis can be followed by a chronic stage. Myalgia is the main clinical symptom in the chronic course of the disease. From 19 patients with a history of acute trichinosis 2-42 years ago, 15 patients suffered from chronic myalgia. Other typical complaints of our patients in the chronic stage were opthalmodynia, burning of the eyes, headache and(More)
Based on 12 patients with posttraumatic erectile dysfunction due to pelvic fractures, ruptures of urethra and straddle-trauma, the diagnostic and therapeutic means in the management of erectile failure are discussed. The most frequent etiology encountered in posttraumatic erectile failure were combined arterial-neurogenic lesions followed by insufficiencies(More)
Visual evoked potentials, elicited by checkerboard-pattern reversal were recorded from multiple sclerosis patients with different probabilities of diagnosis. Latencies and amplitudes of the different components were analyzed for diagnostic validity. It was demonstrated that the latency of the main positive peak (P2) was the most sensitive parameter. But in(More)
Nerve conduction was studied in various sensory and motor leg nerves in diabetics. Distal nerves were more affected than proximal ones. There was a poor correlation between neurographic results and the severity of clinical symptoms. No relationship was found between the degree of alteration of the individual neurographic parameter and the duration of(More)
Cervical and cortical somatosensory evoked potentials were recorded in 42 patients with suspected and certain multiple sclerosis. Absolute peak latencies as well as latency differences between the cervical components N9, N11 and N13 and between N13 and cortical N20 were measured. In addition, the right/left differences of these values were analyzed. It ws(More)