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We demonstrate that within the intact and spontaneously active retina, dendritic processes of ganglion cells exhibit rapid and extensive movements during the period of synaptogenesis. Marked restructuring occurs in seconds, but structural changes are relatively balanced across the dendritic arbor, maintaining overall arbor size and complexity over hours.(More)
Even before birth and the onset of sensory experience, neural activity plays an important role in shaping the vertebrate nervous system. In the embryonic chick visual system, activity in the retina before vision has been implicated in the refinement of retinotopic maps, the elimination of transient projections, and the survival of a full complement of(More)
Major technical advances in the imaging of live cells have led to a recent flurry of studies demonstrating how dendrites remodel dynamically during development. Taken together with our current understanding of axonal development, these studies help provide a more unified picture of how neural circuits might be formed altered or maintained throughout life.
Synchronized spontaneous rhythmic activity is a feature common to many parts of the developing nervous system. In the early visual system, before vision, developing circuits in the retina generate synchronized patterns of bursting activity that contain information useful for patterning connections between retinal ganglion cells and their central targets.(More)
Wiring the developing nervous system requires appropriate contact between presynaptic axons and postsynaptic dendrites. Rapid movements of filopodia-like structures on immature dendrites are thought to facilitate initial synaptogenic contact with axons. Here we show that not only can different forms of neurotransmission regulate dendritic filopodial(More)
Paraplegia is a catastrophic complication of thoracic aortic surgery. At present, there is no effective mean to prevent the ischemia-induced spinal cord trauma. Gene delivery of neurotrophic factors may hold promises for prevention of spinal injury. In the present study, we evaluated the effect of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) gene(More)
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