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  • W T Liberson
  • 1989
We recently demonstrated that there is a reciprocal relationship between the known brain wave rhythms (delta, 3.3 c/sec, 5 c/sec, theta, alpha, spindle, and beta) on the one hand, and the averaged evoked potential mid component latencies, on the other. In other words, the latter are closely related to the periods of the known brain wave frequencies. In this(More)
  • W T Liberson
  • 1994
The presence of an earlier latency of 12 msec of a somato-sensory evoked potential elicited by the stimulation of the median nerve at the wrist was discovered in 1963 by Liberson and Kim. They suggested its origin in the cervical spine or in the brain stem and possibly the cerebellum. Liberson, Voris and Uematsu recorded directly these potentials from the(More)