W. T. Fu

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Fuzzy association rules is introduced in 3]. However, the algorithms proposed by 3] for mining fuzzy association rules assumes that fuzzy sets are given. Here we propose a method to nd the fuzzy sets based on clustering techniques. We have implemented our proposed method and showed that it is feasible and produces desirable results.
An attribute-oriented induction has been developed in the previous study of knowledge discovery in databases. A concept tree as-cension technique is applied in concept generalization. In this paper, we extend the background knowledge representation from an unconditional non-rule-based concept hierarchy to a rule-based concept hierarchy , which enhances(More)
This work investigates the performance of parallel R-tree where the spatial data are high dimensional objects. Due to the large number of bounding values for each bounding box in the R-tree, one disk page might contain one bounding box only. Parallel Binary R-tree(PBR-tree) is proposed to facilitate the costly node access. An analytical performance(More)
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