W Szaroma

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Authors studied the effects of single, total doses of ultrasound energy (frequency: 24.6 kHz; intensity: 0.35 W/cm2) on the cytoplasmic RNA level in the neurons of preoptic nucleus (PON) in Rana temporaria L., in the annual cycle. The cosinor analysis revealed that the applied ultrasound energy caused significant changes in the cytoplasmic RNA content in(More)
The influence of a single dose of actinomycin-D (1 mg/kg body weight) on the diurnal rhythm of cytoplasmic RNA was studied in neurocytes of the supraoptic nucleus (SON), paraventricular nucleus (PVN), and arcuate nucleus (AN) by microspectrophotometer. Cosinor analysis of the obtained results revealed a disturbed diurnal rhythm of cytoplasmic RNA in the(More)
Sexually mature females and males of Rana temporaria L. having a similar length, were captured directly in their natural habitat in 7 periods of the annual cycle. The volume of the nuclei of the medulla oblongata (MO) cells containing lipofuscin in pigment (LFP) showed significant changes in a year. In both sexes their cell nuclei showed the maximal volume(More)
Karyometric analysis revealed a distinct diurnal rhythmicity of the nuclear volume of pars nervosa pituicytes in mice maintained on a 12 h light:dark schedule. Maximum nuclear volumes of pituicytes in both males and females were observed at 1800 o'clock while the minimum ones at 1200 o'clock. In addition, a distinct rhythm was observed in the amount of(More)
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