W. Sunderman

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Neutral-earth voltages have been a topic of investigation and research for many generations. Non-linear loads, and the harmonics that they generate have also been a topic of research in more recent years. An unexpected side effect of distributed nonlinear loads is an increase in neutral-earth voltages on distribution systems. A case study was presented that(More)
The quality of electricity service required by customers of all classes is increasing. This requirement for increasing quality is due to many factors, including increasing sensitivity of the devices used by customers and their awareness of the impacts of small variations in the quality of the electricity supply. In the early 1990s, EPRI initiated a project(More)
Modeling NEV issues requires the most detailed circuit models for distribution system analysis except for, perhaps, lightning surge protection analysis. A proposed line model benchmark is solved and results reported. Modeling NEV will become an increasingly important problem. Based on the proliferation of harmonic producing loads in residential(More)
This panel presents the knowledge gained by the authors through the development of several IEEE Std. 1159.3 data translators. These data translators have been developed for power quality hardware manufacturers. The implementation of the power quality data interchange format (PQDIF) standard is discussed and example data files are presented
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