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Amalgam-tooth fillings are suspected to be cause of many different diseases. With special consideration of the problem of newly made fillings, blood samples were taken from 45 affected pregnant women. After birth, newborns and placenta tissue were tested for Hg-contamination. One hundred and twenty one women with older amalgam-fillings were compared to 19(More)
To measure the Hg-contamination from amalgam as well as other exposures to mothers and their newborns 185 women with tooth filling surfaces from 0 to 780 mm2 were examined. The Hg-values of mother and child at a time showed a highly significant correlation with a median value from 0.4 resp. 0.5 microgram/Hg/l. Obviously, the placenta has a retention(More)
  • W Steuer
  • 1993
Analyses of 216.000 fecal specimens performed in the LGA Baden-Württemberg in 1991 showed results that allow a survey of salmonella carriers in the FRG. Following facts could be obtained: 0.36% Salmonella positive findings in persons who intended to start their occupation in a food processing plant. The proportion of carriers increased in summer up to(More)