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With temperature-independent light output and long usable lifetimes, Hg-free dielectric barrier discharge lamps (DBDLs) exhibit distinct advantages. Their electrical parameters - driving voltages up to some kV, predominant capacitive impedance and a power factor in the range of 0.3 differ considerably from those of well-known fluorescent lamps. Electronic(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the relationship between dietary iron intake (both haeme- and non-haeme-iron) and its status in trained female subjects. Forty female athletes and forty non-trained women of the same age participated in this study. Blood samples were taken to assess haematological (red blood cell count-Er, haemoglobin concentration-Hb,(More)
Compared to conventional lighting devices, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have the well-known advantages of ruggedness and extended lifetime. Furthermore, a combination of red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs can generate light with an adjustable colour. An inconvenient property of LED lighting is the dependence of light output on temperature and lifetime thus(More)
The measurements of the intravascular HbO2 saturation in tumor capillaries using the cryophotometric micromethod reveal that very low HbO2 saturation values predominate in malignant tumors. Under normoxic conditions only 8% of the measured values exceed 50% saturation. 53% of the intracapillary HbO2 saturation values are in the range of 0-10% HbO2(More)
Revaccinations with tetanus toxoid fluid vaccine were performed including different groups of volunteers (aged, diabetics, rheumatics). The kinetics of T-cells were demonstrated by rosette technique in a period of 63 days after revaccination. The content of tetanus antitoxin was estimated by the mouse standard neutralization test. T-cell kinetics were(More)
The structural inhomogeneity of the myocardial capillary bed is simulated by microcirculatory units (MCU's) in a diffusion model. This simulation is based on MCU's in which the arrangement of the capillary ends (concurrent structure, partial and total countercurrent structure, helical structure) as well as the structure and supply parameters are varied. The(More)
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