W. Scott Thompson

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Leukocyte surface glycoproteins that share a common beta subunit have been found to be congenitally deficient in three unrelated patients with recurring bacterial infection. The glycoproteins, Mac-1, LFA-1, and p150,95, have the subunit compositions alpha M beta, alpha L beta, and alpha X beta, respectively. Using subunit-specific monoclonal antibodies,(More)
The appearance of circulating islet-specific autoantibodies before disease diagnosis is a hallmark of human type 1 diabetes (T1D), and suggests a role for B cells in the pathogenesis of the disease. Alterations in the peripheral B cell compartment have been reported in T1D patients; however, to date, such studies have produced conflicting results and have(More)
The lymphocyte function-associated 1 (LFA-1), ~ Mac-l, and p150,95 molecules constitute a family of structurally and functionally related, high molecular weight, human leukocyte surface glycoproteins (1). Each molecule contains an a and a 3 subunit noncovalently associated in an al31 structure. The 3 subunits of Mr 95,000 in each of these three molecules(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Type 1 diabetes results from the autoimmune destruction of insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells by T cells. Despite the established role of T cells in the pathogenesis of the disease, to date, with the exception of the identification of islet-specific T effector (Teff) cells, studies have mostly failed to identify reproducible alterations(More)
Selecting the most appropriate and economical wood species for exterior architectural applications is critical for long-term performance. Important factors to consider include the wood's resistance to decay and insects, its dimensional stability, and its ability to be machined, to take and hold fasteners, and to be painted. Yellow-poplar (also called tulip(More)
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