W. Schwarzenbach

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We fabricated Fully-Depleted (FD) nMOSFETs on strain-SOI substrates (sSOI), exceeding regular FDSOI devices by +20% in nMOS ON-state current (ION) and +18% in SRAM read current. For pMOSFETs on sSOI, the integration of Si0.57Ge0.43 by the Ge-enrichment technique (in so-called sSGOI) is the solution to reach the performance of Si0.78Ge0.22 channels built on(More)
In this paper, we investigate the potential of strained Silicon-On-Insulator for the future advanced CMOS nodes. Strained FDSOI devices not only exhibit a 30% higher performance in term of I<sub>ON</sub>/I<sub>OFF</sub> but also show superior HC reliability at same drive current regardless of the back bias.
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