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This study provides a new approach to estimate both anthropogenic non-point-source and point-source nitrogen (N) inputs to the landscape, and determines their impacts on riverine ammonia–nitrogen (AN) flux, providing a foundation for further exploration of anthropogenic effects on N pollution. Our study site is Huai River basin of China, a watershed with(More)
Sex determination is a vital part of the medico-legal system but can be difficult in cases where the integrity of the body has been compromised. The purpose of this study was to develop a technique for sex assessment from measurements of the first lumber vertebrate. Twenty-nine linear measurements and five ratios were collected from 113 Chinese adult males(More)
We report the effects of lattice constants variation induced by oxygen stoichiometry on the photoresponse properties of La<inf>0.4</inf>Ca<inf>0.6</inf>MnO<inf>3-&#x03B4;</inf> epitaxial films grown on miscut MgO substrates. The oxygen content was changed by annealing the sample in oxygen and vacuum. With the decreases of oxygen deficiencies, the electrical(More)
A dental clinic was modelled in this study using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) platform. The objective was to study the effect of natural ventilation on pollutant dispersion in this setting. Three basic ventilation paths were identified, the "single narrow path", "narrow path" and "dispersive path". The results show that the first of these had the(More)
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