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Diagnostic and judgmental uncertainty that results in operative delay, leading to a more severe degree of illness and more complex surgery, is the major factor effecting both maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality in pregnant surgical patients. The acute abdomen is responsible for most errors in diagnosis and therapy. An understanding of anatomic,(More)
Diagnosis of infection by the larval stages of Echinococcus granulosus, E. multilocaris, and E. vogeli, has increased in most parts of the world because of improved diagnostic technology, active surveillance, and increasing rates of transmission. Specific immunodiagnostics and sophisticated imaging techniques have made diagnosis more sensitive and specific.(More)
Fifteen patients with inoperable hydatid disease (Echinococcus granulosus) were treated with an initial 6-week high-dose mebendazole regimen with a follow-up ranging from 3-7 years. Ten of 15 patients showed both objective and clinical improvement, although two of these 10 relapsed 1-6 years after completing therapy. Simple, single cysts in the lung and(More)
We treated female Swiss Webster mice with heavy, long standing infections of Echinococcus granulosus with mebendazole, 50 mg/kg body weight daily for 10 days and bithionol, 70 mg/kg every other day for four doses. Necropsy performed 6 weeks after completion of therapy showed no gross or histologic differences between untreated controls and bithionol-treated(More)
Our experience with 101 consecutive T.H.A.'s in 91 patients was examined in an attempt to identify preoperative risk factors for postoperative medical complications, especially pulmonary embolism and thrombophlebitis. Six per cent of patients developed postoperative clinical thrombophlebitis, and 8% a pulmonary embolism. Advancing age and previous venous(More)
At the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University an internal medicine consulting resident sees all medical consultation requests not directed to a specific subspecialty division. An audit of a nine-month experience on the consult service was compared with that of a general medicine ward service. The audit revealed that consulting(More)
Two intravitreal Taenia cysts were removed intact by pars plana vitrectomy from a 59-year-old woman who had never left the continental United States. The intraocular course of the cysts progressed from an initial chorioretinal location, accompanied by an intense focal inflammatory reaction, to free floating in the vitreous cavity within two months;(More)