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OBJECTIVES To determine whether respiratory system mechanics measurements could detect lung injury in oxygen toxic rabbits before clinical deterioration. To determine whether respiratory system mechanics measurements, using a power analysis, have the statistical power to detect significant reductions in hyperoxic lung injury due to an intervention when(More)
When studying lung mechanics of intubated premature infants, by the passive-deflation technique we noted that in many flow-volume plots the descending limb was curvilinear with a convexity toward the volume axis. By conventional linear analysis lung mechanics of these patients did not change after the administration of terbutaline, but Mead's tangent-chord(More)
The purpose of our study was to determine the effects of insufflation time (TI) and of tidal volume (VT) on the passive deflation time constant (tau) of juvenile rabbits. We sedated and paralyzed nine 7-wk-old New Zealand rabbits (wt 1.2 +/- 0.2 SD kg) and placed them on a time-cycled, pressure-limited mechanical ventilator. Measurements of tau and dynamic(More)
Since almost 10% of the births in the United States occur in Texas, issues that affect neonatal care in Texas are important for both the state and the nation. Although overall statistics are similar for the state and nation, closer examination reveals a need for improvement in specific areas, namely prenatal care, black and Hispanic mortality, and low(More)
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