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Adaptive filters are used in the situation where the filter coefficients have to be changed simultaneously according to the requirement. Adaptive filters are needed for fast convergence rate and low mean square error. Many algorithms have been proposed and proved that they have better convergence speed and tracking abilities. This paper shows the ability of(More)
This paper presents the analysis of narrowband active noise equalizer (ANE) with imperfect secondary path estimation. Perfect secondary path estimation is often not available in practical cases. Under imperfect estimation condition, the system convergence and equalization exhibit properties not found in past literatures. The origin of such phenomenon is(More)
This paper describes and analyzes a class of subband adaptive filters (SAFs) that stems from various approaches of applying subband and multirate techniques in adaptive filtering. This class of SAFs has a unique weight-control mechanism, whereby subband error signals are used to adapt a fullband tap-weight vector. In this paper, we show that the recursive(More)
The parallel implementation of the Least Mean Square (LMS) and Recursive Least Square (RLS) adaptive algorithms was investigated to study the scalability and the isoefficiency of these parallel implementations. The analysis includes deriving theoretical expressions for the computation and communication time for the parallel implementation of the adaptive(More)
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