W. Robert Collins

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Most computer professionals know that difficult ethical issues may arise in their work. We believe that these professionals want to " do the right thing. " They accept their responsibilities as moral agents and they recognize that their special technical skills give them power and responsibilities. However, the will to act ethically is not sufficient;(More)
Sulfenium and selenenium ions undergo a stereospecific transfer from the corresponding three-membered ring species ("-iranium ions") to unactivated alkenes with varying facility. The thiiranium and seleniranium hexafluoroantimonates could be generated by treatment of the corresponding chloro sulfides or selenides with silver hexafluoroantimonate, followed(More)
A systematic investigation into the Lewis base catalyzed, asymmetric, intramolecular selenoetherification of olefins is described. A critical challenge for the development of this process was the identification and suppression of racemization pathways available to arylseleniranium ion intermediates. This report details a thorough study of the influences of(More)
The concept of Lewis base activation of Lewis acids has been applied to the selenolactonization reaction. Through the use of substoichiometric amounts of Lewis bases with "soft" donor atoms (S, Se, P) significant rate enhancements over the background reaction are seen. Preliminary mechanistic investigations have revealed the resting state of the catalyst as(More)